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We're Planning for the Future, Today.
PNGC and its member cooperatives have evaluated our current and future needs against the reality of an evolving electric landscape. This process included the development of a strategic plan that seeks to align PNGC’s power supply and transmission needs with the identification of state, regional and federal policy positioning that will allow our company to deliver on its mission to provide quality service to our member cooperatives. As such, we have prioritized 3 major policy areas that we think are critical to our future. We call these the “Big 3.” PNGC’s primary mission is to lower cost and risk for its members by working together to purchase electric power and transmission. Our electricity supply vision is clean, affordable, and reliable. We believe this is achievable with proactive policy engagement in the following areas: 
The Big 3 are:
1. Northwest RTO/ISO: We need to establish a regional transmission organization and independent system operator (RTO/ISO) across the Northwest (or larger) that provides fair and open transmission access and an efficient market structure and ability to build physical infrastructure to provide clean, affordable and reliable power for the entire region.
2. BPA: We must put BPA on a rock-solid foundation again and comprehensively address major issues impacting BPA.
3. Rational Carbon Policy: PNGC wants to achieve 100% carbon neutrality by 2033 with a power portfolio that is clean, affordable, and reliable.
One of the Key Objectives in PNGC’s Strategic Plan is to “Plan and Position for the Future Now.” Our BPA contracts expire in 2028, but we must take actions well ahead of then and be prepared for major changes. In fact, PNGC thinks we must shape these changes.
It's critical to point out that these Big 3 policy priorities are interconnected. For example, PNGC’s ability to achieve 100% carbon neutrality by 2033 is dependent on preserving the attributes of BPA’s low-carbon generation as a foundational part of our electricity supply and securing critical access to transmission coupled with fair and well-functioning electricity markets.