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Southern Resident Killer Whales and West Coast Chinook Salmon

Orcas and Columbia/Snake River Chinook Salmon Stocks


In the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky. We have low-cost, renewable, firm power generation because of the federal hydro system. We can use this to our advantage as we develop more renewable resources for our future energy needs. 

One aspect of PNGC Power’s mission is to provide economic and strategic value through innovation and technical leadership. For example, in March of 2015, PNGC Power acquired the Coffin Butte Landfill Gas Generation Project, located near Corvallis, Oregon. This project generates clean, renewable power from landfill gas, which is a natural by-product of the organic matter in the neighboring regional landfill. And we’re currently exploring promising alternative energy projects that are being tested for feasibility.

This section describes how PNGC Power is preparing to meet the needs of our member systems’ customers in the future through long-term planning and evaluating new technologies and energy efficiency as we continue to search for alternative energy sources that will benefit our members and their customers.

Demand for electricity is expected to grow steadily in the Northwest. The Bonneville Power Administration (currently our primary power supplier) reports that the amount of low-cost electricity from the hydro-based federal power system will not be adequate to meet increased demand for electricity. Some PNGC Power members report current or anticipated growth in their service territories. Others have yet to see significant growth. But, despite an uncertain future, all of our members need to be able to provide reliable power to customers at stable rates.

That’s why PNGC is developing a long-term plan and assessing a range of alternate power resources. Our number one priority is to meet every member’s power needs reliably and at the lowest cost possible. PNGC has a track record of reliably meeting member loads, and providing wholesale rate stability for members is a top priority for PNGC.

We have the expertise to analyze an array of generation options to meet our future needs. Tools are in place to help owners make key decisions to ensure that supply is available to meet future loads.