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From the President

American inventor Charles Kettering once said, “The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” Change can be scary. Change can be uncertain. Sometimes change happens because you consciously choose to make it happen. Other times, it is because of an uncontrollable outside force. In either case, change is an opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow.

I understand change. Moving to the beautiful Northwest and starting a new job as President and CEO of PNGC Power are two new changes that I am currently experiencing. It’s exciting: so many things to see and do (really…a volcano!) It’s scary: a whole new group of people to get to know (will they “get” me?) It’s challenging: new issues I never had to worry about before (traffic, average MWs, rain.) But, I love change. So, while it may be exciting, scary, and challenging, it’s also a great opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow.

PNGC Power also faces many challenges and changes on the horizon. What does the future of our power supply look like? What renewable technologies and renewable expectations do we need to consider? What impact might distributed generation and energy efficiency have on traditional power supply planning and operations? What would an energy imbalance market look like in our area? What new services can best help meet our members’ needs? Now is the time to think of these changes: reflect, learn, and grow.

At PNGC Power we manage and prepare for the many types of changes occurring in the power industry. It is in this management and preparation that the PNGC Power member cooperatives derive value from us. Our staff has a diverse background of unique skill sets and expertise that allows us to provide a variety of strategic services to our members including: power supply management, transmission management, energy efficiency management, modeling and forecasting, regulatory oversight, policy and civic management, strategic relationship management, issues education, administrative services and more.

The PNGC Power Board of Directors recognizes the value of change. Their on-going commitment to reflect, learn, and grow is what makes PNGC Power an exceptional, nimble, responsive force in the region. We have high goals, and we’re optimistic about the future. And, just like me embracing the changes I am experiencing in my life, PNGC Power is embracing the changes in the power industry, because like Kettering said, “There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.” 

-Beth Looney

President & CEO, PNGC Power